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When I received my reading from Carmen I felt an overwhelming relief in everything she saw, and I knew in my heart and mind she was right. It was so on point I started to get emotional. I also felt the same way with what she saw in my future because I have been dreaming about it constantly. As I was reading her email I was doing exactly what she was saying in her reading and things that she saw are already starting to happen now. She really helped me get clarity and her gift is truly amazing! – Darleen

My reading with Carmen was amazing, she really made me feel positive about the direction my life is going. She mentioned to me several times about my business expanding and in the last few weeks we have seen some major changes and it looks like she was pretty accurate in her reading with me, because things have really started to take off. My husband recently had a change in jobs and she picked up right away that he feels like he cannot do what he loves to do right now, but he will in the near future. Overall, my experience with Carmen was wonderful and I highly recommend her to anyone. – Elisabeth

I came to Carmen with a heavy heart and feeling hopeless. Everything in life for me was up in the air and I was overwhelmed. My reading from Carmen provided me with guidance, comfort, and a sense of hope. She was on point about the people who surrounded me and where I needed to focus my attention. From my reading, I have never felt so empowered to make leaps and bounds in life. Thank you so much for helping me life the weight off of my shoulders. I no longer cry over spilled milk. – Julie

I used to think that there were small and large blessings. But I’ve learned over the years that there is no size when it comes to blessings from the creator, there’s only purpose. When Blue Goddess came into my life, I was at such a low point that I did not know (as the expression goes) ‘which way was up.’ Every angle pointed down, further into hopelessness. It was as if I were trapped in a hole of lack. I lacked love. I lacked finances. I lacked the ability to ‘see dry land in muddy water.’ I wasn’t looking for Blue Goodness, but my spirit was. If we allow it, our spirits will guild us. But often we are so lost that we can’t recognize our spirit even if we saw it face to face. Things changed with my readings from Blue Goddess. She showed me which way up was. She showed me that the muddy waters that I stood knee deep in would soon recede and that dry land was always under my feet. She showed me hope. I cried less, made a plan and started believing again. Thank you Blue Goddess. – Joy

I cannot believe how unbelievably accurate Carmen is. She truly has a special gift. In my reading she was able to tell me who my life partner was and described him too! I didn’t even have to tell her what I did for my career, but she picked it up right away and described my work atmosphere. I wasn’t too sure if I was on the right path for my career but she laid it all out on the line for me. I’m very excited and I look forward to what’s in store for me. Thank you, Carmen! – Tamara

I wanted to express how happy I was to have a reading done and have some insight into questions I was concerned about. Although my main concern was about a family member of mine, much insight was also given about myself. I was given recommendations about how to spend more time to have a quality enriched life and filled with more happiness. – Marlon